Thursday, August 27, 2015

Progressivism vs. Liberalism

Michael Savage pegged it: Liberalism is a mental disorder

Here in the People’s Republic of Madison Wisconsin, the Berkeley of the Midwest (I live nearby along with many of the remaining sane people in Dane County), the city council refused to take any action on instilling loitering ordinances.  They will “study” the “problem” further (this is the institutional time-honored Progressive delay tactic, wherein "when it is all said and done, more is said than done").  

For about three years, “homeless” people have been gathering at the city / county building at all hours.  As is the case in De Blasio’s NYCSan Francisco and Berkeley, the vagrants are accumulating and increasing in number because they are tolerated.  

It has gotten so bad, the workers at the City / County building filed complaints that the vagrants were urinating and deficating on the steps, walkways, meeting rooms, hallways, and also smearing fecal matter on handrails and doorknobs.  Some workers have quit.  

The building manager responded by installing sanitary hand wash dispensers in the building for the city-county workers to use.  

The vagrants then took to drinking the sanitary hand wash, as it is made up of mostly ethyl alcohol.  

The dispensers were then removed.  

Progressive Socialism demands that no one take personal responsibility for anything, and therein the power of the Progressive Left movement is derived.  Highly caring, educated, correct-thinking, Progressive Left “leaders” are proffered as 'the solution’ to any issue.  Public funds are earmarked, much study ensues, and there is much discussion (or, as Al Sharpton says, "talk we much”).    

The mayor (who is no right wing tea party libertarian) has been attempting to convince the city council to act, but to no avail.  One of the council members sits next to my wife and me at Sunday mass, but he and virtually every other member of the council refuse to have city vagrancy laws, because “homeless” people are generally viewed as victims of society’s failures.  Preeminent in the endless mind-numbing discussions and meetings about the “issue” is that the city council does not want to be seen as acting harshly, but rather wants to be seen to their fellow Progressives as having offered a cornucopia of services, outreach, and thoughtful programs to “transition” the vagrants in a caring and inclusive approach.  

Apparently, every vagrant so far has refused what has been offered.  Every.  Single.  One.  The vagrants are not single mothers down on their luck, or the downtrodden in-between jobs due to the harsh shrinkage of the middle class and the lack of jobs.  No, instead the vagrants are predominately beset with mental health disorders, and substance abuse addictions; the remainder simply prefer the lifestyle (and I presume, also being fussed over by plethora of local social services people fawning over this neutron-star dense collection of ‘humanity in need’, or as the Social Justice Warriors say “a need-rich environment").  

For example, Brittany Zimmermann was a UW Madison student who was murdered on April 2nd, 2008.  During the investigation, it was surfaced that the 911 call center mishandled her call.  After more time, it was revealed that the Dane County 911 call center was mismanaged, with dropped calls, two to four times the wait times other call centers, poor morale and training, high pay, and pedantic decision tree and data capture requirements for incoming calls.  It became a national issue in May of 2008, and ever since then, there have been study committees, audits, reports, plan rejections and the commandeering of the management of the 911 call center by the Progressive Left Dane County Supervisor, Generalissimo Joe Parisi.  Note: This is always the final act of Progressive Socialism.  Assume direct control and centralize power.  

The larger emergency management dispatch system in Dane county is sill fragmented, and the Police, Fire, and EMS professionals are livid that the county-wide system has not been fixed, awaiting the fix in the 911 call center.  

† I prefer to use the term Progressive Left in lieu of liberal these days.  Western liberal values include: civil liberties and due process of law, restricted government intervention in political, economic and moral matters, protections for speech, assembly and petition, free exercise of religion, decentralized vesting of power in the lowest governmental units to manage their affairs (excepting infringements on basic enumerated rights).  By this definition, I'm a liberal.  

Monday, July 20, 2015

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH)

Of the three Supreme Court decisions this last term that I believe did not follow the letter of the law (but rather, invented it), the most troubling one (for me) was the Texas Department of Housing v. Inclusive Communities Project, where SCOTUS green-lighted a novel relatively new legal theory called “disparate-impact.”  While the case reasonably could have been decided either way based on the merits, the result is that the scope of the majority ruling was written in such a manner that it will vastly expand use of “disparate-impact” in all law, which is the troubling part.

Ordinarily, decisions (in my feeble opinion) should be written narrowly to settle specific constitutional issues raised through litigation for those with standing; what was done here was to anoint a heretofore unknown legal theory, and to do so in such a way that encourages the liberal application of “disparate-impact” throughout all government.

Bottom line: if there are racial and / or economic differences in communities, the Feds can now dictate a remedy to the locals.

To further accelerate this, Glorious Imperial Maximum Dear Leader announced (from the balcony of the White House?) the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (AFFH) decree (no Act of Congress Required), shortly after the SCOTUS decision.

This means not only has it become vogue to erase national borders (like, you know, with Mexico), now we can erase local borders by nullifying local zoning ordinances when “non-homogenous” racial disparity results.  To “prove” the racial disparity, of course you need lots of data.  And this can happen over 50 years’ time (i.e. zoning ordinances set long ago can be amended to correct the disparity that evolved over time).  To me, this sounds a lot like the federal judicial bussing efforts of the 1970’s (that resulted in riots in Boston), and ultimately was dropped by the Progressive Left Social Justice Engineers.

Should you be living at 66th and Bancroft in Oakland, or in Vallejo?  And so, if the government so decides that Vallejo is not racially homogenous vis-à-vis South Oakland, then the zoning laws can be unilaterally changed by a judge to force Vallejo development or redevelopment, and redirect the dearth of low-income section 8 housing grants into your neighborhood.

There is an aspect to racial disparity wherein people will self-segregate, but for non-racial reasons.

I choose to self segregate from areas where there is high crime, choosing instead to live in a suburb that has low crime.  The Texas Housing SCOTUS ruling and AFFH decree means now that I can be proven to be a racist (after-the-fact) if my neighborhood does not have the correct federally mandated “racially balanced” makeup.  The remedy could be high density Section 8 in my neighborhood, or zoning restrictions that disallow development in the corn fields next to my neighborhood, limitations on expanding county roads to force racially correct in-fill into large blue cities, driving the middle class people away from the suburbs (or further out into the wilderness with large commutes).

And of course, redirecting federal funds to the “big blue cities” who can better centrally plan your and my life choices for us.

Where this will absolutely, positively will, not be applied, is in Washington D.C.

Southeast DC and Northwest DC will somehow remain among the highest-segregated place in the US.

You see, the laws and social engineering are for the little people.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

More from the Gulag

An article on planned discrimination in Virginia in the interest of diversity.   "Race discrimination, against Asians, is coming to Fairfax County." - Pat Buchanan

This whole business last week with the Religious Protection Law in Indiana and Arkansas seemed more like a opportunity for the Progressive Left to attack the biased and narrow-minded Christians in the relentless Culture War, than a discussion of fairness.  

It is like the Progressive Left has a network that plans these outrage parties, and when something enters the news, they erupt in indignant outrage simultaneously.  Dear Leader for the first time (that I recall) mentioned in a speech recently the need to protect LGBT citizens from this type of discrimination.

With the world falling apart, the Russians threatening nuclear action to protect the Baltic’s, green-lighting the Iranian Shi’a Bomb, the economy on life support and contracting, record unemployment (labor participation), a maddening influx of foreign nationals onto the welfare rolls with no serious background checks, we’re talking about sexual and gender deviation, and the Christians (and Jews, Muslims) who refuse to practice their religion only in a church building?

Think about this a moment; Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Trans-Gendered civil rights.  Take bi-sexual civil rights for example.  How would one outwardly know if someone is bi-sexual?  The President of the United States is saying that bi-sexual people are being immorally discriminated against.  Unless your partner is a hermaphrodite, this necessarily means that as a person, you therefore have multiple partners.  Is the leader of the country saying infidelity in marriage or a non-monogamous relationship is, what, needing equal protection to marriage?  

I’m sure Bill Clinton is down with that.

I gotta’ tell you, this Diversity and Inclusion stuff at work is wearing thin on me.  I’m scheduled for re-training (re-education) in May.  This will be the second treatment in two years (the first one apparently did not take - I did not know I was overly Homogenous and Exclusive).   Lost in these discussions will be any discussion of accomplishment or merit.    The touchey-feely’s in the crowd will be fully engaged, and this will be fun to watch (for me), as they extol the virtues of the diverseness of the Human Experience to the exclusion of any other business objective.  I kinda’ am old-fashioned, thinking that we were here to work together irrespective of our differences to get a job done, but silly me.  We’re here to celebrate the fact of our need to appeal to an enlightened non-judgmental ethos (except of course those who disagree with the party-line, which requires intense action and re-education).  

Going through re-education training, I will refrain from speaking the obvious, will be professional, but there is a part of me that pictures myself seated next to you in the re-education Gulag with my middle finger extended.  

Or perhaps I will instead have a "coming out."  Perhaps I will dress in a pink tutu, white hose with the line up the back, candy-cane 6" pumps, and a strap-on dildo affixed to my forehead.  

Friday, March 06, 2015

Diversity and Inclusion Re-education Gulag

I scanned a copy of a part of a presentation delivered to my company mail box while I was traveling; part of the Diversity Training being promulgated in my company.  
I can not share it with you, because the graphic image is conspicuously marked Proprietary and Confidential, and don't want to violate company policy.

In school, I was taught (and learned) Taxonomy, which defined all life on earth, and which included the following classifications: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species.  
Our Species appears to be embarked upon a noble quest to expand the Human experience beyond traditional gender definitions (male, female, and hermaphrodite), and to educate the biased and narrow-minded unwashed masses as to how deviation from tradition is to be viewed in a social context in a business environment.  

As I gaze into the thought process at work to develop this graphic image, I (in only the twisted and warped way my mind naturally works) was struck by several vexing thoughts.
According to the Diversity Graphic, the primary dimension of diversity includes Gender, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation.  This (for me) opens up multiple lines of thought.

Gender – Definition: The biological sex you are born into this world with.  Socially, gender has been undergoing a radical change in definition (at least ever since David Bowie released The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars album in 1972) to include the biological sex you assume following a surgical procedure, which is called transgender (a.k.a. transsexual), but is not a type of gender, but merely the “reassignment” of gender through surgery and hormonal therapy.  
Most Frequent Types:  
Male, Female 
Less Frequent Types: 
Hermaphrodite (born with both male and female sex organs), 
Gonadal dysgenesis (the absence of sex organs), and 
Atypical genitalia (sex can not be determined at birth, typically resulting from birth defect or chromosomal disorder)

Gender Identity – Definition: This advanced social construct is defined as the sex you prefer to identify with, without regard to your birth gender or current transgender gender (which, I prefer to call gender du jour).  

Somewhat notable, a transvestite is a person who chooses to dress and operate in a manner consistent with a gender which differs from their actual gender (such as Milton Berle, Dustin Hoffman, or Robin Williams in a dress for a comedy skit or movie, or Dennis Rodman or RuPaul who assume these gender appearances for other reasons).  Being a transvestite does not necessarily identify your gender identity.  Only you know your gender identity, and others are left to infer from your behavior what your gender du jour is, unless you “declare” publically in some manner (I suggest that for the purposes of equity, the US Federal Government create under the EEOC, NLRB, HUD, HHS and other organs of government (pun intended) a National Gender Identity Registry (NGIR), so that we can declare our gender du jour in an inclusive and multi-cultural manner, in the safety and privacy of our own home – to make it hip and fashionable, we need to have an Apple / Android Mobile App to facilitate all citizens’ current Gender Declaration, as a basic human right).  

Sexual Orientation – Definition: Who you choose to have sex with.
Most Frequent Types:  
Heterosexual, Homosexual
Less Frequent Types: 
Bi-sexual (also known as AC/DC), and
Celibate (like the Shaker community, who built some really bitchin’ stone houses and awesome wood furniture, but are as extinct as the dinosaur)

So, in the New World Order, you can be a male at birth who received gender re-assignment and is currently female, who as a transvestite cross-dresses as a male, but declares gender identification as female, but is in fact sexually oriented as a lesbian, and appears outwardly to be a normal human being, except for the man boobies.  

Perfectly clear. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Progression of Speech Control, and US Immigration

I have been using the term 'Progressive Left’ to describe this cabal of Socialists, neo-Communists, erudite academics, bundlers and political operatives, and the obligatory useful slack-jawed touchey-feeley low-information types.  I used to think I was a conservative, but seeing how the Republican party leadership is more afraid of losing control to the Tea Party than of the effects on our Republic of the destructive influence of Progressive Left, this has all left me wondering what this Left-Right labeling is all about.  

Historically conservatives and liberals wanted free speech, a good public education, a protection of personal and public property, observance of due process, a de-militarized police, and a presumption of privacy.  I therefore must be an old-school liberal and an old-school conservative, because this is what I also want in my country.  

Here is an example of what I call the new 'Progressive Left’ working to change the operational definitions of the newspeak

FROM: Wetbacks (crude, but common up until the 1980’s)  TO: Illegal Aliens 

FROM: Illegal Aliens  TO: Undocumented Aliens (or, UDA’s) 

FROM: Undocumented Aliens  TO: Undocumented Immigrants (or undocumented workers

FROM: Undocumented Immigrants  TO: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (or, DACA) 

FROM: Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals  TO: “Americans in Waiting” 

And now, today I see the latest in the Progressive Left’s abuse of the language, 

FROM: Americans in Waiting  TO: Reliable voters and entitlement dependents, and Cheap Labor 

The logical end-state to this progression was well-defined in concept in 2006, in Victor Davis Hanson’s book Mexifornia.  The Rockefeller country club Republicans want the cheap labor while the Democrats want the votes and permanent welfare dependency class.  Both of these goals diminish the US middle class.  

It seems to me that only the non-Socialist Independents, Libertarians and Tea Party Republicans want an immigration standard that includes traditional naturalization and security protections to reject bad actors, and numerical limits to assure a well ordered and functional assimilation.  The two parties seem to me to be identical in disregard to the desire of the US Citizenry.  

It used to be that a foreign national went through a quaint process to become a US Citizen, called “Naturalization,” as defined in law.  This has changed throughout time, but generally required a sponsor, a clear criminal record, no evidence of communicable disease, passing a rudimentary test about US Civics (that sadly many native born US Citizens can’t pass), and that you did not overstay your visa, or if your were in the country without permission you either departed or applied and were granted refugee status or asylum.  

At the end of this process, in an auditorium filled with misty-eyed friends and family, you swore allegiance to the US Constitution, to abide by the law, and received a flag, your flag, of the United States of America.  This was both right and just.  

Then came September 11th, 2001, where Islamic Terrorists non-domestic non-right-wing violent extremists (from Saudi Arabia) overstayed their visas to kill a few thousand Americans, and 373 foreign nationals from 61 other countries.  This was a successful repeat performance of the unsuccessful attempt in 1993 to bring down North Tower 1 of the World Trade Center by radicalized Islamic Mormon missionaries Ramzi Yousef, Mahmud Abouhalima, Mohammad Salameh, Nidal A. Ayyad, Abdul Rahman Yasin and Ahmed Ajaj, that was financed by Khaled Sheikh Mohammed (or KSM, who we later water boarded for information while residing at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba which resulted in information assisted in locating and killing al Qaida terrorist chief Osama bin Laden).  

"Mohammed [also] admitted to decapitating Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl," CNN details. "He also took responsibility for the [airline] shoe bomb attempt, the nightclub bombing, the 1993 World Trade Center attack and a number of other attempted attacks that did not play out, according to the account offered by the transcript."

Mohammed will be tried before a military commission. He is currently being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 

"He has been charged with conspiracy, murder in violation of the law of war, attacking civilians, attacking civilian objects, intentionally causing serious bodily injury, destruction of property in violation of the law of war, hijacking aircraft and terrorism," CNN further details.

So, it seems to me that it sure takes a long time to extract justice from KSM.  Maybe the case against him is flimsy, or perhaps when he was captured in Rawalpindi Pakistan, we failed to read him his Miranda warning, and he will walk, or otherwise be cut free from Guantanamo to, you know, keep a campaign promise to “close GITMO.”  

Projections in 2011 suggested immigration from Muslim majority countries would be inconsequential.  Today however, we are seemingly hell-bent to change the complexion of the United States by expressing an apparent preference for Americans in Waiting from Muslim faith countries, reportedly bringing between years 2010 and 2013 almost 300,000 Muslim immigrants into the U.S., more immigrants than the U.S. let in from Central America and Mexico combined over that period.  The US State Department reportedly recently said it will quadruple the number of refugees brought here from Syria, where the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL?) is headquartered.  

I hope these refugees are vetted.  

I mean, unfettered immigration from Muslim majority countries has worked out pretty well so far in other Western Democracies, including Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, France (10% Muslim), Germany, and the United Kingdom, right?  Bombings, machine gunning Jews and offensive cartoonists, and killing those who blaspheme against the Prophet Mohammed are an epidemic as a back drop to the beheadings, immolations, machine gunning, rape and slavery unfolding across the Middle East.  

But I guess I'm just overly concerned, and should instead watch Entertainment Tonight on TV, relax and believe that "Our country is in the very best of hands."  

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

US Military Assessment 

It is now officially 1979.  We only lack dead US soldiers being dragged behind Iranian vehicles, hostages being held for 444 days.  

We have stagflation, the middle class is getting hammered, the U-6 unemployment rate is in the neighborhood of 11%, millennials are living at home and deferring child bearing and purchase of housing (the former American Dream), economic growth is anemic, debt is Epic and threatens the solvency of Republic, the Russian Bear is active carving up Eastern Europe by an ascendant Russia (the neo-Soviet reunion?), NATO is a paper tiger, Islamic cretins are committing genocide in the Middle East and unfettered terrorism in Europe and Africa, Jews are leaving Western Europe for Israel, China is unilaterally annexing the East and South China Sea, morale in the US military is at a low point on par with 1974, civil liberties and freedom at home and abroad are in decline as the government ignores the constitution and targets political enemies, taps all communications domestic and foreign and tampers with historical temperature data to enact changes in energy policy that will inflate costs for no net reduction in “global warming” (which does not exist), and ignores immigration law (and a court injunction) to cram as many foreign nationals (including Syrians) into the country as possible in the hopes of establishing a permanent Democratic majority, without the need for any pesky “naturalization’ process, all the while re-interpreting IRS tax law to grant deferred illegal aliens $25,000 of payments for Earned Income Tax Credits even though they have not worked in this country, or are US Citizens, all the while they hound US Expats overseas to the point that record numbers of US Citizens are renouncing their citizenship.    

And ISIS needs job training and community centers.  

Our country is in the very best of hands.  

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Glorious FCC, and now the FEC

From the outskirts of Pindostan… 

On the heels of the edict by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) redefining the internet into a TELCO  and issuing massive regulations to assure, you know, “fairness” in bandwidth distribution (or more correctly, bandwidth redistribution), Glorious and Benevolent Federal Elections Commission (FEC) now takes aim at internet abusers who post content from “uncontrolled and unspecified sources” who use “dark money” and spew counter-revolutionary disinformation and propaganda to influence policy and elections.  

This horrific abuse of the public trust must stop, and the abused citizens who consume this counter-revolutionary disinformation and propaganda must be protected by Benevolent Glorious US Federal Government.  

Unapproved and unlicensed content deemed counter-revolutionary must be brought under strict review and US Federal regulation, with extensive filings to flush out and identify parties who fund this counter-revolutionary disinformation and propaganda.

Прогрессивная Прогресс, товарищ