Thursday, August 25, 2016

SECDEF Ash Carter

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has said many times that the majority of enlisted military recruits come from just six states, and he would like to see a more diverse and inclusive recruitment pool.  Southern States of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, and Georgia plus mostly-Western States of Idaho, Arizona, Maine, Hawaii and Alaska are screwing the Diversity & Inclusion pooch.  Ash Carter has his eye on Texas and Kentucky, too. 

"We need many more recruits from the Pajama Boy regions of the nation across the Fruited Plain, so that our goals of counteracting deleterious effects of the rampant cis-heteronormative culture in the Military can be accelerated.”   

"We will be immediately be sending our Armed Forces recruiters into the Bath Houses of San Francisco, Coffee Bistros in Seattle, and the Blood Plasma-for-Ca$h locations in Milwaukee to offset this geographic bias polluting the enlisted makeup of these US Armed Forces.”