Friday, March 06, 2015

Diversity and Inclusion Re-education Gulag

I scanned a copy of a part of a presentation delivered to my company mail box while I was traveling; part of the Diversity Training being promulgated in my company.  
I can not share it with you, because the graphic image is conspicuously marked Proprietary and Confidential, and don't want to violate company policy.

In school, I was taught (and learned) Taxonomy, which defined all life on earth, and which included the following classifications: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species.  
Our Species appears to be embarked upon a noble quest to expand the Human experience beyond traditional gender definitions (male, female, and hermaphrodite), and to educate the biased and narrow-minded unwashed masses as to how deviation from tradition is to be viewed in a social context in a business environment.  

As I gaze into the thought process at work to develop this graphic image, I (in only the twisted and warped way my mind naturally works) was struck by several vexing thoughts.
According to the Diversity Graphic, the primary dimension of diversity includes Gender, Gender Identity, and Sexual Orientation.  This (for me) opens up multiple lines of thought.

Gender – Definition: The biological sex you are born into this world with.  Socially, gender has been undergoing a radical change in definition (at least ever since David Bowie released The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars album in 1972) to include the biological sex you assume following a surgical procedure, which is called transgender (a.k.a. transsexual), but is not a type of gender, but merely the “reassignment” of gender through surgery and hormonal therapy.  
Most Frequent Types:  
Male, Female 
Less Frequent Types: 
Hermaphrodite (born with both male and female sex organs), 
Gonadal dysgenesis (the absence of sex organs), and 
Atypical genitalia (sex can not be determined at birth, typically resulting from birth defect or chromosomal disorder)

Gender Identity – Definition: This advanced social construct is defined as the sex you prefer to identify with, without regard to your birth gender or current transgender gender (which, I prefer to call gender du jour).  

Somewhat notable, a transvestite is a person who chooses to dress and operate in a manner consistent with a gender which differs from their actual gender (such as Milton Berle, Dustin Hoffman, or Robin Williams in a dress for a comedy skit or movie, or Dennis Rodman or RuPaul who assume these gender appearances for other reasons).  Being a transvestite does not necessarily identify your gender identity.  Only you know your gender identity, and others are left to infer from your behavior what your gender du jour is, unless you “declare” publically in some manner (I suggest that for the purposes of equity, the US Federal Government create under the EEOC, NLRB, HUD, HHS and other organs of government (pun intended) a National Gender Identity Registry (NGIR), so that we can declare our gender du jour in an inclusive and multi-cultural manner, in the safety and privacy of our own home – to make it hip and fashionable, we need to have an Apple / Android Mobile App to facilitate all citizens’ current Gender Declaration, as a basic human right).  

Sexual Orientation – Definition: Who you choose to have sex with.
Most Frequent Types:  
Heterosexual, Homosexual
Less Frequent Types: 
Bi-sexual (also known as AC/DC), and
Celibate (like the Shaker community, who built some really bitchin’ stone houses and awesome wood furniture, but are as extinct as the dinosaur)

So, in the New World Order, you can be a male at birth who received gender re-assignment and is currently female, who as a transvestite cross-dresses as a male, but declares gender identification as female, but is in fact sexually oriented as a lesbian, and appears outwardly to be a normal human being, except for the man boobies.  

Perfectly clear.