Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Glorious FCC, and now the FEC

From the outskirts of Pindostan… 

On the heels of the edict by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) redefining the internet into a TELCO  and issuing massive regulations to assure, you know, “fairness” in bandwidth distribution (or more correctly, bandwidth redistribution), Glorious and Benevolent Federal Elections Commission (FEC) now takes aim at internet abusers who post content from “uncontrolled and unspecified sources” who use “dark money” and spew counter-revolutionary disinformation and propaganda to influence policy and elections.  

This horrific abuse of the public trust must stop, and the abused citizens who consume this counter-revolutionary disinformation and propaganda must be protected by Benevolent Glorious US Federal Government.  

Unapproved and unlicensed content deemed counter-revolutionary must be brought under strict review and US Federal regulation, with extensive filings to flush out and identify parties who fund this counter-revolutionary disinformation and propaganda.

Прогрессивная Прогресс, товарищ

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