Wednesday, February 25, 2015

US Military Assessment 

It is now officially 1979.  We only lack dead US soldiers being dragged behind Iranian vehicles, hostages being held for 444 days.  

We have stagflation, the middle class is getting hammered, the U-6 unemployment rate is in the neighborhood of 11%, millennials are living at home and deferring child bearing and purchase of housing (the former American Dream), economic growth is anemic, debt is Epic and threatens the solvency of Republic, the Russian Bear is active carving up Eastern Europe by an ascendant Russia (the neo-Soviet reunion?), NATO is a paper tiger, Islamic cretins are committing genocide in the Middle East and unfettered terrorism in Europe and Africa, Jews are leaving Western Europe for Israel, China is unilaterally annexing the East and South China Sea, morale in the US military is at a low point on par with 1974, civil liberties and freedom at home and abroad are in decline as the government ignores the constitution and targets political enemies, taps all communications domestic and foreign and tampers with historical temperature data to enact changes in energy policy that will inflate costs for no net reduction in “global warming” (which does not exist), and ignores immigration law (and a court injunction) to cram as many foreign nationals (including Syrians) into the country as possible in the hopes of establishing a permanent Democratic majority, without the need for any pesky “naturalization’ process, all the while re-interpreting IRS tax law to grant deferred illegal aliens $25,000 of payments for Earned Income Tax Credits even though they have not worked in this country, or are US Citizens, all the while they hound US Expats overseas to the point that record numbers of US Citizens are renouncing their citizenship.    

And ISIS needs job training and community centers.  

Our country is in the very best of hands.  

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