Sunday, August 03, 2014

Maximum Dear Leader Grants Another Gripping Interview

The Post-Partisan President of the Purple Republic, Maximum Dear Leader, grants another gripping Interview, this time to the Extreme Right-Wing publication The Economist, inducing an all-pervasive soothing sense of harmonycomity and Global Tranquility...

SUMMARY:  CEO’s need to quit their complainin

"Last point I’ll make on this: If you look at what’s happened over the last four or five years, the folks who don't have a right to complain are the folks at the top.” (emphasis mine)  

Climate Change 

"And the same I think goes for a whole range of other issues like climate change, for example.”

            [Note: The Ministry of Truth has necessarily changed the branding from ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)’ to 'Climate Change' because for the last 17 years and 10 months the global temperature is declining while the Carbon Dioxide has increased - don’t fret though, the NASA/NOAA/USHCN data monkeys are feverishly at work amending the NCDC TOBS / GISS source data retro-actively to include ’normalizing factors’ called in mega Science jargon as 'in-filling’ and ‘homogenization’ which shows a remarkable correlation of the 'amended 'source data temperature to the increase in Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere with an almost perfect statistical correlation (coefficient R2 = 0.9880), even though remarkably 97% of Carbon Dioxide is generated by 'other than man', and of the man-made CO2, the People’s Republic of China produces twice the Carbon Dioxide of the US]. 

"There aren’t any corporate CEOs that you talk to at least outside of maybe—no, I will include CEOs of the fossil-fuel industries—who are still denying that climate change is a factor.” (emphasis mine)

"They’ve got to know now are we pricing carbonAre we serious about this? But none of them are engaging in some of the nonsense that you’re hearing out of the climate-change denialists. Denialists?”  (emphasis mine)

            [Note: Begrudgingly the approved branding changes from ‘climate deniers’ because the commonly used allied term "Holocaust Deniers" seemed to imply for the last 4-1/2 years the enlightened Democrat-led US Federal administration were having to contend with ruthless 'climate Nazis' - no doubt somehow a Jewish focus group somewhere must have finally alerted on this, and as an identified vote degrader leading up to mid-terms, prompted the change].   

I checked my pocket version of the US Federal Constitution, and was totally blown away to find it is ‘right' there in Article something, and one of the early Amendment(s); CEO’s, as a sub-set of US "Documented Non-Aliens" (or DNA’s) have no right to spew hateful counter-revolutionary polemics.  

Joseph Goebbels would be beaming at the mastery of the tradecraft. 

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