Monday, June 30, 2014

SCOTUS v. POTUS, and Remedy

Revenge of the SCOTUS

Two US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) rulings today, following two other rulings last week (regarding the so-called recess appointments by POTUS to the National Labor Relations Board, or ‘NLRB’, and government-prescribed standard “speech abatement” buffer zones around abortion clinics) will likely further irk Dear Leader and the regime.    

Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.

Harris v. Quinn

What is disconcerting is that these last two court rulings today are both 5-4.  Ben Shapiro writes "We were one vote away from the Supreme Court of the United States declaring openly that business owners have no religious rights in America, and that the government can declare you a member of a union even if you don’t work for the government. This is pathetic."

With this crowd in the executive branch, when denied their objectives for fundamental domestic transformation, actions follow to accomplish same objectives “by other means."  The Progressive Left is like rust, they are relentless, and will take action whenever and wherever anything gets in their way.   

I was taken by the official spin today in the local and national media as the Progressive Left put the word out that FIVE MEN TODAY DECIDED TO SUPPRESS THE RIGHT OF WOMEN TO CHOOSE THEIR HEALTHCARE.

What Remedy?

I was following up on an suggestion a while back from a friend of mine that the House should impeach Dear Leader as a warning shot across the bow, even though the US Senate would not convict (you need 67 votes to convict). 

I concluded the current "Establishment Republican so-called Leadership” is purely feckless, and would not impeach the first so-called African-Ameican POTUS unless there are multiple authenticated pictures of Him in the act of murdering someone along with a bloodied corpseman as evidence.  

The presumption is that an impeachment would cause the chief executive to take heed and give pause - for Bill Clinton, who is a far better politician, this worked about to this effect, however our current chief executive is a pure ideologue who will not be dissuaded, and will not relent; not by facts or reason, not by reality, not by fear, intimidation or threat.  This is a True Believer.

Bill Clinton's legacy includes,
a strong economy,
a general sense that government was functional (following the tack to center after mid-terms, and if you exclude the fiasco in Waco TX),
a debris field of sexual impropriety,
and most importantly, a cohesive Democratic Party able to compete following Clinton’s exit form office.

The Loyal Opposition are cowed, and Dear Leader and the regime are too well steeped in Saul Alinsky tactics, and the art of arms-length, exit-hatch, plausible-denial executive leadership to permit Dear Leader to be directly implicated with high crimes and misdemeanors.  And where there is target-lock (called “tone” by fighter pilots) on an egregious impeachable crime, the regime will conceal, destroy evidence, obstruct investigation, coerce witnesses, bribe implicated operatives for silence, and funnel preferential narrative to the US lapdog press, to eventually run out the clock on the issue, or the presidency.  

Impeachment looks to be a non-starter, as a Remedy in the case of the Obama presidency.  

Where from Here?

So, what is the likely course of the Obama presidency from now through to the elections, and then for the final two years until 2016?  

I don’t know, but I can hazard a guess. 

RealClearPolitics and Rasmussen Reports would suggest absent any significant change on to the November election, there is at least a 50% chance the US Senate will fall to the Republicans in November, unless the Republicans convene their pre-election circular firing squad.  The margin will likely not be large enough to command a filibuster-proof-majority (60), or a super-majority (67).  

There will be one of two outcomes in the US Senate; Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will either retain his role as Majority Leader, or will become the Minority Leader.  

Regardless of outcome in the Senate, the executive branch will continue to carpet bomb America with continuous rule making through the many federal regulatory agencies, will amend rules relating to the so-called patient protection and unaffordable healthcare act that are inconsistent with the law, steer available federal money to green enterprises run by connected Democrat money bundlers, kill the Keystone XL pipeline in a quid quo pro for a $100,000,000 political donation from Tom Steyer, and POTUS will fundraise for his own narrow interest, golf incessantly, and make far too many speeches.  

OUTCOME 1: If Reid continues in the majority, then after the elections you will see an acceleration of the kinds of actions witnessed to this point; a flood of over-reaching and often illegal Executive Orders and Directives to achieve domestic Gleichschaltung, complimented with well crafted suppressive Schadenfreude on the part of Harry Reid and the Progressive Left against and the usual collection of hapless Republicans, ultra-right wing Tea-Party anti-government racists (a.k.a. Conservatives), and their related political organizations.  Business as usual, and faster please.  

OUTCOME 2: If Reid continues in the minority, then the blocking tactics he used controlling Senate rules (to successfully halt all legislation) will no longer be available to the Progressive Left.  The power to obstruct will rest partly in Harry Reid's ability to keep his coalition of Democrats together in the Senate, to deny a super or filibuster-proof-majority.  This will depend on the cohesiveness of the minority and whether sufficient numbers of democrats can be peeled-off on an issue-by-issue basis by the Republicans.  Slow and incremental change, much like water torture, or being trapped in an overturned van in Colorado with an 8-track tape of WHAM playing "Wake me up when you go-go" until you are rescued by state troopers.  

Any effort to defund specific executive branch activities will be met with a presidential veto, insufficient votes to override, claims this is prima facia evidence of the incessant deep disrespect for the president due to his ethnicity, and will be followed by endless canned harangue in the media.

So, regardless of outcome in the US Senate, same as it ever was.  

The Real Punch Line - "A Fundamental Transformation of America"

The "fundamental domestic transformation" appears to be Dear Leader's apparent plan to bring as many people from Latin America into the country as possible, and get them into the social care system, the public school system, the welfares system, and here in sufficient numbers to accelerate the demographic alteration of the country.

This is in order to further the change in culture required to achieve the Progressive Left objective to quell red-state influence in the fly-over Republic.  To do this, a permanent and institutionally needy dependent underclass is required.  The US is a country of 330,000,000 people.  A widely published 11,000,000 of these people are here illegally (the true number is not known, but could range perhaps as high as 20,000,000), and until recently were all subject to deportation.

A wave of illegal immigration is underway and has saturated the border, hastened by public comments and administrative rulings directing the Border Patrol not to deport "young" people.  Up to 128,000 undocumented aliens (or UDA's) have recently arrived from Central America at the southern US border, and the number is projected to be on track to achieve a half a million people by the end of this year.  If the flow is not arrested and remains constant, the number could swell to 2,000,000 new Democrat seed-voters by the end of 2016.

President Obama (Dear Leader) stated today he will effectively ignore the law, ignore the courts, and direct the government to address "immigration issues" because the obstructionist Republicans in Congress are held hostage by the right-wing Tea-Party ideologues, and therefore are forcing him to act.  What the hell this all means we are about to find out.

The Ultimate Take-Away

Unilateral action by Dear Leader on "immigration issues" will (in my feeble opinion) result in a popular backlash, will result in the Republican party being boosted in power, and will more seriously result in the Democrat brand being impaired, and hobbled for years to come.  This will be Obama's gift to the Party.  Because, you know, it's all about Obama.

I for one hope Obama is lawless and singularly unilateral as a president can be, violating due process, the rule of law, the Constitution, and faithlessly executing the laws of the office.  That will make the post-Obama correction even more pronounced and lasting.  

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