Saturday, April 04, 2015

More from the Gulag

An article on planned discrimination in Virginia in the interest of diversity.   "Race discrimination, against Asians, is coming to Fairfax County." - Pat Buchanan

This whole business last week with the Religious Protection Law in Indiana and Arkansas seemed more like a opportunity for the Progressive Left to attack the biased and narrow-minded Christians in the relentless Culture War, than a discussion of fairness.  

It is like the Progressive Left has a network that plans these outrage parties, and when something enters the news, they erupt in indignant outrage simultaneously.  Dear Leader for the first time (that I recall) mentioned in a speech recently the need to protect LGBT citizens from this type of discrimination.

With the world falling apart, the Russians threatening nuclear action to protect the Baltic’s, green-lighting the Iranian Shi’a Bomb, the economy on life support and contracting, record unemployment (labor participation), a maddening influx of foreign nationals onto the welfare rolls with no serious background checks, we’re talking about sexual and gender deviation, and the Christians (and Jews, Muslims) who refuse to practice their religion only in a church building?

Think about this a moment; Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Trans-Gendered civil rights.  Take bi-sexual civil rights for example.  How would one outwardly know if someone is bi-sexual?  The President of the United States is saying that bi-sexual people are being immorally discriminated against.  Unless your partner is a hermaphrodite, this necessarily means that as a person, you therefore have multiple partners.  Is the leader of the country saying infidelity in marriage or a non-monogamous relationship is, what, needing equal protection to marriage?  

I’m sure Bill Clinton is down with that.

I gotta’ tell you, this Diversity and Inclusion stuff at work is wearing thin on me.  I’m scheduled for re-training (re-education) in May.  This will be the second treatment in two years (the first one apparently did not take - I did not know I was overly Homogenous and Exclusive).   Lost in these discussions will be any discussion of accomplishment or merit.    The touchey-feely’s in the crowd will be fully engaged, and this will be fun to watch (for me), as they extol the virtues of the diverseness of the Human Experience to the exclusion of any other business objective.  I kinda’ am old-fashioned, thinking that we were here to work together irrespective of our differences to get a job done, but silly me.  We’re here to celebrate the fact of our need to appeal to an enlightened non-judgmental ethos (except of course those who disagree with the party-line, which requires intense action and re-education).  

Going through re-education training, I will refrain from speaking the obvious, will be professional, but there is a part of me that pictures myself seated next to you in the re-education Gulag with my middle finger extended.  

Or perhaps I will instead have a "coming out."  Perhaps I will dress in a pink tutu, white hose with the line up the back, candy-cane 6" pumps, and a strap-on dildo affixed to my forehead.  

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