Friday, January 22, 2016

Davos, Switzerland

US Secretary of State, John Kerry, told the rich and influential in Davos Switzerland not to believe the negative "hype" from nay-sayers; the world is changing for the better!! 

Russia is pilfering territory, and the Baltics are next in their sights, should they decide to poke NATO in the eye.  

Non-US NATO (excluding Poland and the UK) is spending just north of 1% GDP on Defense, less than half of what is required for membership.  

China annexed the South China Sea, and is building a military to make that stick.  

Israel distrusts us - fully.  

Germans (not the German elites), but Germans are deeply distrustful of the US because of the unfettered SIGINT of all things in Germany (counter to strict German privacy laws).  

Turkey, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia do not see a steadfast ally in the US, and are moving to realign the tectonic power shift underway with an ascendant Iran / Hisbollah / Quod’s / Republican Guard.  

Iran has thumbs in both our eyes, and I just know they are no longer pursuing a nuclear bomb.  

There is a thing called a “Caliphate” in Iraq, Syria, and now about 10,000 ISIL jihadists in Libya.  

Africa and the Middle East are exporting millions of countrymen (not so many women) to the West.  

Our border control is a joke, and there are 22-25 million foreign citizens in the US (not the 11 million that is part of the Party Line).  

The morale of the military has substantially declined, as we convert it into l lean, green, lesbian non-white cis-hetero-patriarchal pajama boy collective.  

Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia are unstable.  

We are fighting undeclared war “kinetic operations" in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, Sudan, Cameroon, Chad, Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Gabon, Afghanistan, and Waziristan, using a thing called a “kill chain” and “special forces"  

Western Europe ingested a slug of jihadists that make it a tinder house for terrorism rivaling the 1970’s.  

We made “nice” with Cuba, and Cubans are fleeing for the US in droves; no one is asking whether the prison population on Cuba has suddenly gone to zero.  

California is on the verge of banning all semi-autoloading firearms.  

We are in the 8th year of stagnant growth.  

Our US Federal public debt load has doubled in four years while the Federal Reserve has printed trillions of dollars, prompting the other central banks to do the same.  

China pilfered most of our manufacturing jobs, and all of out trade secrets, intellectual property, and the classified personnel security records of everyone connected to the US Government.  

Yep.  Things are peachy there John.  

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