Friday, February 05, 2016

Glorious Benevolent Federal Government is going after Evil, Dastardly, Ammunition Manufacturers...

This blogger lives in north central Idaho, which leads me to conclude the OSHA action is targeting Speer/CCI. 

Expect silly warning labels like we now ignore on virtually all products.  

“WARNING: This product is hazardous to your health.  Do not eat, ingest or otherwise insert into other bodily orfices.  The US Surgeon General advises you to wear protective gloves and eyewear when handling or using this product, and to wash hands regularly.  Users are advised to use OSHA/NIOSH approved and professionally fitted personal protective respirators when using this product.  Using this product indoors can result in airborne lead; assure indoor use is only performed in areas properly ventilated and regularly tested.  Contents of this packaging include materials that are explosive in nature.  Do not place in a fire or near a open flame.  Do not disassemble components.  Alternate child tamper-resistant packaging is available through your retailer.  Do not discard the MSDS included with this product.  Read and understand the information included in the MSDS.  The pictures of injured and maimed people affixed to this product are examples of the consequences of incorrect use.”  

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